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Website promotion in Prague with perfomance-related pay

Website promotion is a labour-intensive and long-term process, the result of which will be increase of your site in the Top-10, Top-5, Top-3 by key requests in search engines Yandex, Google, Seznam. Today it is one of the most effective ways to promote your business on the Internet. The result of promotion of the site is increase in its attendance, while only users interested in buying your product or service will visit it.

Discount! Price of website promotion — from 6000 CZK!

All prices are indicated in Czech korunas (CZK) net of VAT.

Service Price (in CZK) Term (working days) Note
Website optimization from 14900 21 at a cost 14900 CZK is processed till 20 key requests
Complex website promotion from 6000 3-6 months at a cost 6000 CZK is processed till 10 key requests

Payment for works of search engine promotion is made upon of achievement of results.

Website optimization and complex seo-promotion. What the difference?

Website optimization is the first and most important step on the way to the TOP, it can be safely called the foundation of the successful promotion, because it includes the full elaboration and improvement of the internal structure of the website. In this process, we eliminate all the errors on the site, create unique texts with keywords, arrange all the necessary links in the text, improving the appearance of the site. The better and more useful is your website for visitors, the higher positions in the search engines it will take in the future, and the more will bring money.

What is included in the website optimization?

  1. audit of site is carried out before the conclusion of a treaty, including the selection and analysis of selling keywords, check the current position of the site, determining the current state of the site and the required improvements,
  2. study of structure of website from the point of view convenience visitors use, the distribution of keywords on a site (the definition of landing pages for each group of words),
  3. writing unique texts for visitors (including key requests), 
  4. placement of unique text on the site, study of the site's content - placement of titles, creation of lists and clean, logical structure of the text,
  5. study of web code - filling of meta tags (keywords, descriptions, title, url), the elimination of errors in the code, if necessary, the creation/correction of robots.txt file,
  6. creation/correction of sitemap,
  7. installation of webmaster and counters of attendance,
  8. analysis of behavioral factors on a site,
  9. free registration in the popular catalogues (till 10).

After optimization of your website, you will receive a report about the new positions on key requests, some keywords already after optimization enter into TOP10 and lead customers to you! There follows a comprehensive movement of your website in the top.

Comprehensive movement is a direct increase of your website in the top, which begins after the optimization. Our specialists form the time frame for moving, in which plan positions for each key request in each search engine separately, you pay only for the achieved results after the end of each stage (one stage - month). Each request has its price. Promotion is carried out by further improving the internal structure of the site, as well as through the involvement of external links. Website promotion is always made for a specific region (Russia, Czech Republic, Prague, Moscow region, etc.).

An example of the time frame for moving in search engine Google of two requests: 

Key request Price (in CZK) The positions at the beginning of works   Planned results, month 1 Planned results, month  2 Planned results, month  3
making of tradable website  290 TOP 50 TOP 30 TOP 15 TOP 10
ordering of promotion  390 TOP 30 TOP 15 TOP 10 TOP 5

When the term of each phase expires a report with the achieved positions is provided, and just in case of occurrence of positions in plan the work is paid.

Benefits of complex promotion:

  • long-term conservation of the results,
  • involvement on the site only concerned users ,
  • improving the structure and content of the site and, consequently, a beneficial effect on the image of your company,
  • attraction of new customers and, as a consequence, income growth,
  • minimal risks.

The algorithm of the promotion works: 

  • definition of the promotion region and the foreground search engines,
  • selection of key requests (phrases) selling your product, based on the analysis of requests popularity among users in your promotion region (how many people are entering over the last month one or the other request). It is a free bonus to potential customers,
  • audit of site - its analysis and assessment - is the definition of the current position in the search engines and analysis of the internal structure of the site for the identification and preparation of the necessary complex of works of promotion,
  • development a set of activities and strategies for promotion,
  • internal optimization of the site - one of the most important components of search engine promotion, this is a complete study of the internal structure of the site, HTML-correcting codes, the adjustment of structure of a site, the development of unique texts and placing them in the keywords necessary frequency,
  • attracting inbound links from third-party resources - made to increase the reference mass of your site, which is a consequence of increase in site rankings in search engines, and thus the growth of the agreed positions on keywords. The result of this step is to display your website in the top 10, and a significant increase in attendance,
  • maintaining the current position of the site.

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