Landing page

Development of the landing page in Prague

Landing page is not new the concept. This is a simple one-page website that is created for one purpose - to send its visitor to a specific action, often it`s selling of your service or product. Selling ​page is an essential tool of internet marketing. Normally, this page is designed for promotion by the contextual advertising. A user by clicking on the contextual advertising gets an amazing opportunity to immediately make an order. Each guest delays on qualitative landing, that is why  page is called landing.

We offer a complete solution: 

  • development of the concept and strategy of selling pages,
  • creating a unique design,
  • development of an advertising campaigns for search engines Yandex, Google or Seznam,
  • testing and start selling page and support the advertising campaign.

The price of development of a landing page - from 9900 CZK, contextual advertising is paid separately.

You can order selling page right now. Please use feedback form or call us 

+420 775 238 354 or +420 774 504 133.