Online advertising

Contextual advertisement in search engines Seznam, Google and Yandex

Contextual advertising is attraction of visitors to the site through advertising in the search engines. We are engaged in the placement of contextual advertising in search engines Yandex, Google and Seznam, the price of setting and maintainance the company's 5000 CZK for the first month, the subsequent maintainance is 3000 CZK per month, but you can maintain the advertising company on your own.

Advantages of contextual advertisement:

  • attraction  only the target audience to the site,
  • guarantee of high attendance (advertising in search engines and numerous partner sites),
  • speed of the impact (advertising starts to work as soon as appears on the Web),
  • economy - payment is charged only for the transition of unique users on advertising (possibility of cheating is excluded),
  • easy expenditure planning - contextual advertising will be possible even with minimal budget,
  • setting the placement of advertisements - you can choose on which sites and pages your ads will be shown,
  • management of contextual advertising is simple,
  • availability of a possibility of quick adjustments in response to changes on the market situation or the tactics of promotion of web resource,
  • opportunity to show ads to audience from a certain regions,
  • time targeting - your ads will be shown on a predetermined time interval, for example, only during certain hours. 

What are we doing?

  • select and negotiate with you the keywords that will be tradable,
  • form ads and set up an advertising campaign,
  • launch an advertising campaign,
  • track the changes and, if necessary, adjust the value of clicks and ads themselves with keywords.

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